What’s New in Jan’s Jewellery World

Jewellery surgeries

Until we get back to normal I thought jewellery surgeries might be helpful?

If you are making at home and have a problem you wish to solve I’m happy for you to Facetime me or set up a Zoom meeting and show me what you would like help with.  I can talk with you about what it is you are having problems with or you wish to see to move your work forwards.  Do heads up me with an email first about your request so we know it is mutually convenient and if I need to set something up in the workshop or sort examples.

Chain Making Tutorial

In class I lent a DVD with instructions on how to make the Byzantine chain/6 loop chain/Kings chain – all the same chain just different names. This is a lovely chain and only needs 2 pairs of pliers to make it if you buy the jump rings ready made.  To make it use 5mm or 6mm heavy jump rings from Cookson.  I can send you this tutorial by We Transfer.  If anyone over the lockdown would like to give it a go email me and I can send the instructions to you.

If this whets your appetite I’m sure you’ll come up with other ways to link the jump rings to make different chains or maybe search a few styles on the internet.  Don’t forget the wire wrap loops to add beads and stone chips to these.  this means if you wish to you can still make at home with very little tools just pliers and maybe wire cutters if you start wire wrapping.

Receiving the first copies of our book

Book due out 1 February 2021

My techno head ooops…

I thought I’d sort out my address book so that when email addresses were in more than once it was not needed.  I have since discovered, after deleting some of these, that it is because the email addresses are in my different contact lists and should be left repeated.
When I start organising one day classes again and you see them on my website, if you do not receive an email inviting you to book on the course and you have in the past please let me know.  I might have deleted you from the one day contacts list folder.  I’ll do all I can to work out how to remedy this in the meantime.

Facebook Page

To stay in touch with my past and present students during lockdown I have created a Facebook  page called Jewellery News. It has been a learning curve and great fun filming tutorials to go on this page.  It is a safe place to go to for advice and sharing.  It’s super to see what people are making in lockdown, answering questions and getting good tips.

Due to Covid-19 classes and exhibitions have been cancelled. To see all updates on these cancellations look at my classes and exhibitions pages. This is a changing situation and will be amended as guidance is given.

Writing a Book

Publication date now deferred until the beginning of Feb 2021.  I do believe this is the final delay and will happen.  Search Press have put a lot of time and effort into this so they are doing us a good job but just delayed, hang in there it will be worth it in the end.

Thanks to technology things are still moving forwards with our book and it now has the new cover with examples of pieces that we show you how to make in the book. The book leads you through a tried and tested series of structured projects with a finished piece of jewellery at the end of each one.

The book is not only for beginners but for those already making jewellery who want to understand more the core skills and techniques used in making jewellery.

The projects are designed to be followed in succession, each one building on and adding to the skills learned previously.  Whenever a new skill is introduced there is a Method Box

•  Method Boxes go in depth about the new skill being introduced at that time. They are there to come back to once you have completed all the projects and start making your own designs. 

•  Handy Hints are additional to the Method Boxes and are the tricks and tips we have learned over the years and are keen to share.

 •  Troubleshooting  solutions are included just in case things go wrong.

At the end of each project, there are suggested designs for you to make using the techniques you have mastered so far. We even include some pieces you can make from your silver scrap. (There will be some, however carefully you plan and buy)

Before we introduce the projects, we give advice on buying the tools and materials you will need, as well as information to help you set up your own work station.

Our aim has not been to cover every possible technique in jewellery making.  Instead we focus on the core jewellery making skills, going in depth to help you understand them better and enjoy them more. We also show you several ways of doing the same thing such as ring sizing.  The right method is the one that works for you.

Finally, the last chapter on moving forward is to inspire you to start designing your own pieces.

Wherever you are on your journey into silver jewellery making, this book will be a resource you can keep returning to for guidance and advice. We hope the fundamental skills and confidence this book will give you will lead you to enjoy jewellery making as much as we do.

The Show at Goring

I was so uncertain if I could safely sell and exhibit my jewellery at a show but if there was one show that it would be possible and that I really wanted to do it was Artists at Goring.  Sarah and the Goring Hall Committee pulled out all the stops to make it a safe event.  I had my work behind glass doors for once so I could control handling and cleanse.  It was a fabulous three days.  We all loved the time together and learnt from each other and the public were so supportive and were happy to come see and buy.

Henley Standard did us proud

and here’s all of us at the end of the show tired but happy

On Show in the USA

My work is now part of the permanent collection of contemporary jewellery at
the Dallas Museum of Art

Electrum Gallery was a trail blazing gallery for jewellery residing in
South Molton Street in London and run by jeweller Barbara Cartlidge. 
The gallery has since closed and there is now a book written about her
and her jewellery world; she made a significant contribution to the
field of contemporary jewellery.

Whilst I exhibited at Electrum Gallery my work started to be collected
by Inge Asenbaum who ran the respected Galerie Am Graben in Vienna.   I
recently found out that this collection has been gifted to the
Dallas Museum of Art and is now part of the permanent collection of
jewellery there demonstrating the museum’s commitment to the field of
contemporary jewellery.  I am delighted to have two pieces in this
permanent collection .

I was tracked down as the maker of these two pieces because of
the hallmark on them.   It was initially Sheffield Assay Office where I
am registered that first got in touch with me to confirm I was the maker
of these two pieces through the maker’s mark that is stamped on them as
part of the hallmark.