What’s New in Jan’s Jewellery World

On Show in the USA

My work is now part of the permanent collection of contemporary jewellery at
the Dallas Museum of Art

Electrum Gallery was a trail blazing gallery for jewellery residing in
South Molton Street in London and run by jeweller Barbara Cartlidge. 
The gallery has since closed and there is now a book written about her
and her jewellery world; she made a significant contribution to the
field of contemporary jewellery.

Whilst I exhibited at Electrum Gallery my work started to be collected
by Inge Asenbaum who ran the respected Galerie Am Graben in Vienna.   I
recently found out that this collection has been gifted to the
Dallas Museum of Art and is now part of the permanent collection of
jewellery there demonstrating the museum’s commitment to the field of
contemporary jewellery.  I am delighted to have two pieces in this
permanent collection .

I was tracked down as the maker of these two pieces because of
the hallmark on them.   It was initially Sheffield Assay Office where I
am registered that first got in touch with me to confirm I was the maker
of these two pieces through the maker’s mark that is stamped on them as
part of the hallmark.

Berkshire Life

I was lucky enough to be included in Berkshire Life’s September edition in an article entitled Rising Stars. This was about a selection of jewellers working in Berkshire. I particularly loved being a ‘rising star’ after over 40 years in the business.

Writing a Book
I have been co-writing a book with Machi de Waard. When students are new to jewellery making and they join my classes I take them through a series of projects that take up two, five week courses. This gives students a great grounding and understanding of the techniques involved when making silver jewellery and prepares them to design and make their own pieces. Machi thought these projects would be great for a book and together we have been developing and writing these projects with the backing of Search Press.

Each project teaches you different techniques and builds on the skills learnt from the project before. Every time a new technique is introduced there is an in depth box of that technique so it is a book you can always go back to when struggling with a technique say soldering.

Machi is a great teacher in her own right and it has been super to work alongside her on this book. We have been out of our comfort zone at times and the photo shoot at Search Press headquarters in Tunbridge Wells has been a learning curve and fun. We are looking forward to the launch of the book in the Autumn.

Jewellery book cover

Termly Classes
Lots of pieces were made as well as students enjoying the box making project. Here are a few pictures of work students have produced through autumn.

One day Classes
I taught some one day silver jewellery classes and a metal clay day and Di taught a beading day. One of the silver jewellery days was added fun as there were 3 mum and daughter couples taking part. They had all booked on the same one day by chance. Here’s pictures of work made, one example from each day.

Opals seem to be a theme and here’s another pendant I designed and made for a customer. The customer provided the opals, just look at the original packaging they came in.

I took part in a successful Wokingham Arts Trail and my work is still being shown at Norden Farm until the end of January in their wall cabinet. The Tiny Gallery in Henley continue to stock my work and I try to keep it changing with a lot of my new designs going there first. Alongside the Tiny Gallery, ByGillian Gallery in Bourne End now stock a display of my work too.

To round off

It is such a joy to see what my students achieve I am so lucky to be able to teach them and I am looking forward to more of this in 2020. I’m also looking forward to making new pieces and wish you all enjoyment in making and learning in 2020.