I just wanted to say a big thank you for the ring making session you did for Aggie and myself on Monday. We really enjoyed ourselves. In fact, Aggie said that was the best birthday present she’s ever had! Fine praise indeed from a 20 year old! Thank you for making it so interesting and yet very relaxed. You explained everything very clearly and we came away with some jewellery which we proudly made ourselves! Haha…need a bit more practice but we are both wearing them. November 23

“Thanks Jan, really informative and enjoyable day – you took the time to explain everything step by step – can’t wait to wear our new jewellery. thanks :)” April ’23

An inspirational teacher and silversmith! You seem to know instinctively when it is safe to leave me well alone to learn through my own creative endeavour, and when to intervene to avert a disaster. You are always full of enthusiasm to stretch me as a learner, and yet you do not impose your own ideas. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time, thank you Jan.

Jan is an inspiring artist and a brilliant teacher. She shares the warmth, creativity and artistry you can see in her work with all her students. At first, I was worried that making jewellery would be difficult but Jan’s classes are so kind, fun and relaxing that I’ve learned to make jewellery that I’m truly proud of. Making jewellery with Jan has reminded me how to play and how much I love to make things. It’s changed my life.

I have been attending Jan’s jewellery class for almost two years now, and always look forward to each session. I have learnt so much, although there is always more to learn. Jan has endless patience and good advice whether you are a complete beginner or more experienced. No ‘challenge’ is too much, and she always finds a solution. Her own work is of a very high standard, something all her students aspire to.

I am a student at Jan Richardson’s jewellery class. It is great fun as we all learn a lot in a great relaxed atmosphere where we all share ideas with what we create, each week learning new skills. There are 12 of us, each having our own style and Jan encourages all of us to stretch our talents in whatever direction we choose. She helps us build up the knowledge to make better and more intricate pieces of jewellery at our own pace.

The jewellery class gives me a chance to learn how to make a unique piece to my taste. As a beginner Jan has given me so much confidence to create and make. Her expert guidance, patience and sense of humour makes it so enjoyable. Being able to say ‘I made that’ gives me such a sense of achievement.

Jan is a wonderfully stimulating teacher. She brings a really wide knowledge of jewellery techniques, materials and tools to her classes and is constantly looking to expand her own knowledge as well as that of her pupils. She is patient and tolerant almost beyond belief providing a huge range of tools and expertise for her students. She brings something new to every session and finds time to encourage everyone on an individual basis, no matter what mistakes they are making. Not only that but she works to connect her students with other jewellery activities in the region as well as Goldsmiths Hall. All this is supported by making sure her classes are well set up and a great sense of humour. No wonder there is keen, almost cutthroat, competition to enrol in her courses!

I have been attending Jan’s classes now for a few years and I cannot praise Jan enough for the time, patience and encouragement shown to myself and all the students in the class. We have a lot of fun while learning so much from Jan with all her knowledge and experience. Jan is an inspiring teacher and I love going to the classes as I learn something new each week even though I am now fairly proficient in creating pieces myself – there is always more to learn and sometimes Jan will suggest a different way of doing something which we can use in the future. I can honestly say that attending Jan’s classes is the best thing I have done in many years. Thank you very much Jan.

It’s all thanks to you. You’ve inspired me to make those designs. If it wasn’t for me attending your workshops over a year ago, i don’t think i would have done what I have so far. So massive thanks to you!!

Hi Jan, I just wanted to write and thank you for a great silver jewellery making course yesterday. The course was excellent and I really enjoyed it. I was impressed at your teaching style, the way you explained things and the fact that we all left with pieces of jewellery that we wanted to make and would actually wear. Thank you very much 🙂


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