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Designs on an Opal

I was approached to design a pendant by a regular customer incorporating an opal she had bought in Australia. It had a hole drilled through it with a ring put through the hole so it could hang as a pendant. It is an unusual shape so we wanted the design to sympathetically reflect this. Here are pictures of it on its way and completed. I'm happy to say that the piece is much loved.

Themes in teaching

Next term I'm concentrating on box making and making findings. Findings are the doing up bits of jewellery. They can be part of the design of the piece and can be a feature of the jewellery. Findings can be fiddly devils, so hard to do up with catches behind your neck for chains. Magnetic catches are a great alternative and so easy to do up, certainly strong enough for necklaces. I do not recommend them for bangles although new designs are coming out. But do beware, if you have a pacemaker you must not wear any jewellery that has a magnetic catch.

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